Eat. Sleep. Play trains. Repeat.

Kids love trains. If you have a pre-schooler then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. In homes across the nation toy boxes are overflowing with track whilst Thomas the Tank Engine dominates the TV and bedtime stories. Out and about small voices cry out “choo choo!” as the trains whizz past, begging to have a ride on the next one. What starts as an interest quickly turns into an obsession.

But adults love trains too; we are a nation of nostalgic train buffs. As parents we perpetuate our children’s obsession. We are the ones who buy the train sets and read the stories. We take our children on steam trains, sing them songs and just as excitedly point out each passing train. I’ll admit that even I quite enjoy building a train track of epic proportions, attempting to use every piece in the box whilst avoiding dead ends and dreaded infinite loops. And yet it has been precisely 52 years since mainline steam trains ceased running, and trains definitely don’t say “choo choo” anymore. What a funny bunch we are!

I’ve always found this train obsession quite intriguing and I knew that I wanted to design a train inspired children’s print. So I decided to consult the best: the lovely Chloe’s tribe of Facebook followers over at Trainmaster. What is Trainmaster? It is a fabulous business offering train themed events and parties that your kids will love! Check them out and find events in your local area here. What did we do? Well we asked parents which words they would most like to see on their little train lover’s bedroom or playroom wall. The options were:

  1. I’d rather be playing trains
  2. When I grow up I want to be a train master
  3. Eat. Sleep. Play trains. Repeat.
  4. Toot toot, chugga chugga, woo woo!

And the winner was…’Eat. Sleep. Play trains. Repeat.’ A huge number of parents could identify with these words because their little ones just wanted to play trains all day long. I got to work teaming the words with a cute children’s font and bright colours, and I love the final design for a train inspired wall print. It is available to buy now on Etsy and if you pop over to Trainmaster’s Facebook page and have a look around you might even find a cheeky discount code.

If you want to design your own railway room, I’ve collated my top train themed bedroom and playroom ideas over on Pinterest. Check them out here.

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