How to write a love letter

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, love letters packed with eloquent prose and sweet nothings seem like an appropriate display of affection. But a truly honest and authentic love letter from the heart needs to be a reflection of yourself and your feelings. It should not be a letter you feel pressured to write because “that’s what people do on Valentine’s Day”. If it’s not for you, that’s fine. If you want to have a go at putting your feelings into words and reacquaint yourself with the seemingly lost art of letter writing, then read on.

If you don’t know where to start that’s ok (and totally normal). I’ve packed this post full of useful information about different types of love letter and my top tips for writing in a way that truly reflects you and your feelings.

First, decide on the type of love note you want to write. I’ve come up with four main types of letter and how to write them:

1. The way you make me feel

Identifying and writing down your feelings can be difficult, although like many things it does get easier with practice. Use these sentence starters to structure your letter and get you thinking all about your loved one:

  • When I see you I feel __________ inside.
  • I find your __________ and your ___________ really attractive.
  • It makes me feel so happy when you __________.
  • I can’t see/hear __________ without thinking about you.
  • When you’re not around I feel __________.
  • My happiest memory of us is when __________.
  • I’m most looking forward to __________ in the future.

2. Ten things I love about you

List ten (or three or five) things you love about your partner. Which parts of their body do your find the most attractive? What things do they do that make you feel loved? What are their best personality traits? What silly things about them make you laugh?

3. Past, present and future

Begin by reflecting on the time you’ve been together and write about your favourite memories or events. Describe how you feel about your love now, then follow up with a few sentences about how you feel about your future plans together.

4. Borrow from the best

Sometimes it’s hard to put feelings into words, so why not copy down your favourite poem, quote or song lyric? Don’t forget to say who wrote it first, and do follow it up with a short sentence describing why you chose it. For example, “ I can’t hear these words without thinking of you” or, “I read these words and realised they are exactly how I feel about you”.

Now you have decided on the type of letter you will write, check out my top tips for writing the perfect love letter and you will be on your way to success. Good luck, and don’t forget to tell me how you got on!

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