Why words? Because words are everything.

Many animals communicate with each other through sounds and gestures but language is uniquely human. It allows us to communicate in the present, reminisce about the past and plan for the future. We remember words. They are inextricably tied to our emotions and embedded in our memories. Words have an impact. Song lyrics, poems, internet memes, in jokes, books, inspirational quotes – we can’t get enough of them and the way they make us feel. This is why I work with words.

The effect words have on human kind is phenomenal because words are human kind. Language defines us, divides us and bonds us. It’s a talking point. Literally. You can explore the deepest recesses of the human mind if you just ask the right questions. You can influence people more than you know with the simplest of words. And when we use that power for good the results are simply spectacular.

Clever, quirky, funny, cute, inspirational, motivational, sweary. The words I use might seem trivial or frivolous but they all mean something. They mean different things to different people but the one thing they have in common is their purpose: to raise you up.

Never underestimate the power of having words in your home. You’ll casually walk past them everyday yet one day they will be exactly what you need to see. They will make you smile or laugh or give you the spring in your step or kick up the backside you really need. Your children will ask about them and build fond memories. Your friends will discuss them. You will cherish them. Words are everything.

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