15 of the best feminist and girl positive slogan tees (and other awesome merch)

Can I vote? Yes. Have I experienced pay inequality? Not that I’m aware of. Have I had my opinions doubted because I am a woman? Yes. Have I experienced workplace discrimination? No. Have I been mansplained? Absolutely. Have I had a man expose himself to me? Yes. Have I been touched inappropriately by a man in broad daylight just because he wanted to. Yes. Twice. Do I feel like being a woman has negatively affected my job opportunities and earning potential? Yes. Is the glass ceiling real? Yes. Are women all over the world repressed as a result of their gender? Yes.

Am I a feminist? Yes. I think you can probably see why. I fight for equality, I fight for respect and I fight for choice. Not just for me, but for all women across the globe who are not treated equally and do not have a choice. For all those women who cannot speak for themselves. I don’t want to be passive, I want to play a part in the revolution. Sometimes the fight is for me, sometimes the fight is for others but it is always about raising awareness and understanding in the blissfully ignorant.

So on International Women’s Day: start a conversation, raise awareness, stand in solidarity, be true to yourself and own your femininity. Check out my favourite, and the most bad ass, feminist and girl positive slogans to help you do just that here:

  1. ‘More than just a girl’ tee – Wet Banana.
  2. ‘I incite this meeting to rebellion’ mug – Bookishly.
  3. ‘You go girl’ pouch – Alphabet Bags.
  1. ‘Who runs the world? Gulls’ tote bag – Hello Dodo.
  2. ‘Women are powerful’ tee – Confetti Rebels.
  3. ‘Sushi roles not gender roles’ tee – Wire & Honey.
  1. ‘Women will be women, born to lead’ tee – The Man Who Has It All at Teemill.
  2. ‘I am my own muse’ Frida Kahlo quote cuff – Stuff Made From Things.
  3. ‘We are not princesses, we are warrior queens’ tiger print – The Paper Nursery.
  1. ‘The red badge of courage’ pouch – Made by Shannon.
  2. ‘Support women owned businesses’ tee – Luella.
  3. ‘Not smiling until the patriarchy has been overthrown’ pin – Veronica Dearly.
  1. ‘Votes for women’ sweatshirt – Literary Emporium.
  2. ‘Fierce’ silver bar necklace – Stanley & Maud.
  3. ‘Not your babe’ enamel pin – Bookish & Bakewell.

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