I fell down a rabbit hole

I fell down a rabbit hole, I was down there for seven years and I did not quite come back the same person. 

I demolished the ‘eat me’ cake. Well, cakes. I drank a little of the ‘drink me’ potion but didn’t quite come out the same size I went in. My body changed, my life changed, my perspective changed and ‘me’ was well and truly consumed (maybe it was the cake) by ‘mum’.

But I’m back. Not quite the same person but an older, more refined version.

Same love of books and humanity, same rooting in education and same desire to get people talking and communicating with kind and funny words. But a different name and a different skin and a different perspective on life.

Wonderland can do one, I’m ready to take on the world. Goodbye Loulou, hello Girl. I’ve remembered who I am: an eco-conscious, tea drinking, book loving anthropologist and teacher. A girl on a mission to find herself and her way in the world. I have a voice and a platform and I intend to use it: welcome to Girl With A Typewriter.

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